Are All on 4 Dental Implants the Right Choice For Me?

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So, you’re facing the unfortunate circumstance of having to have your teeth removed. While this doesn’t seem like the most exciting prospect in the world, you are going to have a few things to look forward to. You will have whatever oral health problem you are dealing with fixed up, and you will be able to replace the teeth you lost with your choice of dentures or dental implants.

The choice you make is largely going to be dependent on your budget, but if you choose to go with dental implants, then you might be offered the choice of something called “all on 4” dental implants when discussing it with your oral health specialist. Just what are these type of implants, and what is the all on 4 dental implants cost danville that you can expect to pay?

All on 4 Dental Implants

“All on 4” dental implants are named as such because of the way they function. Basically, four implants are placed at the top of your mouth, and four are placed on the bottom. They are less expensive than having every dental implant done individually, and will take about the same amount of time to heal if you choose to go with this option (roughly three to four months after insertion).

What Do They Cost?

The price you end up paying for your all on 4 dental implants will vary depending on which oral health specialist you go to to have the procedure done, but you can get a rough idea of what it might cost based on national averages.

At the moment, the average cost for an entire mouthful of all on 4 dental implants is around $59,000. This seems quite pricey, but it could actually save you a bit of money in comparison to traditional individual dental implants, which could be anywhere from $3500 to $5000 for a single implant.

If you can afford it, all on 4 dental implants can be a great option to choose when replacing your “real” teeth. Once you heal up, you’ll be able to go back to eating your favorite foods and smiling that wonderful smile, just like you used to.